The growing popularity of blogging websites

Uncategorized / Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Social media and YouTube has successfully dominated our lives for quite some time now. People are not only dependent but a little obsessed with this world of like, comment, share subscribe. While it is not all bad, as people use these platforms to spread awareness and helps in attracting attention to the much-needed topics from all around the world, giving a boost to our thoughts and freedom of speech. But even the healthiest habit when overdone can be problematic, and that is what we need to realise in this growing world of online social platforms.

Nowadays, everyone wants to be you tuber, streaming video online gaining popularity. Some do it as a pass time, some pursue it as a passion and some simply on hopes of earning some extra cash. If we talk about YouTube, with the immense competition amongst different content creators it is difficult to attract viewers and gain a much-deserved appreciation for even your quality content.

Various blogging websites:

With this growing, craze of gaining popularity, people are using different hacks to attract attention towards their content. YouTube bot is one such software that by creating an illusion of increased likes and views on your video, promote it and as a result attract real viewers, increasing actual views. There are many blogging websites like that help in guiding people by informing them more about these software and the possible outcome of using it. Some of the points covered by these websites are:
  • Reviewing different software, pointing out the good and bad from their own experience.
  • Explaining all the features and positive points about particular software, to make it easy for you to understand its functioning.
  • Talk about their own experience of using it
  • Discussing the legality and reliability of the software.

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