Thai Public Schools Versus International Schools

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There is a marked distinction between the best and international schools. The latter are top-rated schools from every perspective. Incorporation of the word ‘international’ in the name of some school reflects that a level of education in this school is world-class. There are many factors, such as a small number of students per classroom, international curriculum options, English as the primary language, teaching by teachers across the globe, professional development from within, and exciting career prospects across the world. A large number of parents aspire that their children should receive an education in international schools.

Bangkok international school

Public vs. international schools

Many countries have a mixture of public (national) schools and international schools in their educational setup. Public schools are also private entities operated by educational trusts or other private management. From this perspective, many public schools are receiving a high rating from society because of the excellent quality of education. International schools are considered the best schools for a world-class education ever. The reasons have been illustrated in the previous paragraph. Thailand is the country where both public schools and international schools exist in the same environment. There are many public schools in Bangkok that provide quality education to their students. But enrollment in some Bangkok international school is the preference of the parents. It is easy to think of enrolment in an international school because of the free basic education mandate by the Thai government.

Bangkok international school

Education in international schools

When the norms of the Thai government support education for which basic education doesn’t require money, enrollment in the international schools will be preferred over the admission even in the best public schools. It has happened in the past and happening in the present as well. Thailand has offered opportunities for world-class education in international schools. The Thai public schools and international schools in Thailand cater to education to many aspiring students.

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