Steps to make Google my homepage

Uncategorized / Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Google is a search engine that can enhance your browsing experience while browsing online. Among the multitude of search engines available today, Google stands out and remains popular in the global scenario due to the simplicity, minimalistic approach, and user-friendliness characteristics. These are some of the fundamental properties that any search engine must possess, and Google has it all. Thus, it is worthwhile to make Google as homepage. You might now want to set Google as a homepage. How do I make google my homepage? Are you wondering? Here is the answer. The steps to be followed are quite simple. The procedures are detailed in the following paragraph.

Setting Google as your default search engine is quite easy. You can carry out the procedures in a few clicks. If you are unaware of ‘ How do I make google my homepage?’, this is for you. At the top right corner of your browser window, click on the tools icon. From the set of options available, click on the Internet options. Now, look for the search section in the general tab and click on the settings. Select Google. Click on set as default. Now you have set Google as your default search engine. So you can close the window.

Was it this easy? You might be wondering. Yes, you can set the best search engine as default within a few taps. So why take the pains and waste your time browsing through the internet using other less efficient search engines when Google can provide you with whatever you want in lesser time. Google homepage is carefully crafted with the users in mind. The simple design lets the user find the required tabs in no time. This fact has made google n of the most popular search engines all over the world.

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