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A loudspeaker, an electroacoustic transducer, simply called a speaker, a device that converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. A sound-producing device may not give audible sound in itself without the help of a speaker. An electric speaker was installed by Johann Philipp Reis on his telephone in 1861 for the first time.

All about speakers and their history

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The technology that developed modern-day speaker models passed through several generations of speakers. You may be interested to know Todo sobre altavoces. Let start with the story of how modern speaker technology came into existence after several years of development that lasted for over a century and half. The first electric speaker was patented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell for his telephone; Bell’s name is popularly associated with the invention of telephone. However, in very subsequent year, the improved version was launched by Ernst Siemens and concurrently, Thomas Edison was issued a British patent for his amplifying mechanism that used compressed-air technology. Horace Short, in 1898, patented his design for compressed air driven loudspeaker. Later, a few companies developed compressed- air speaker models. These models and low- and poor-quality sound.

All about speakers and their advancements

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The efforts in later developments were made to enhance the quality of sound; the main focus was on the loudness and a few other variations to produce good quality audio effects. The variants of loud sound speakers were used for public address systems. Oliver Lodge in 1898 invented the first moving-coil loudspeaker on an experimental basis which was also called dynamic speaker, the practical models of which were manufactured in 1915 and the moving-coil principle was patented in 1924. It was only in the 1930s when speaker manufacturers made efforts to increase frequency response and sound pressure level. This is not just all about speakers; lot of developments were made later.

Speakers of today

In the 1960s, the first commercial transistorized loudspeaker was introduced. This was the beginning of the modernization of speakers. There is no end to technological developments because today, you may find the best speakers based on advanced technology.

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