Vehicle rental delivery has been made easy with Deliveree

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Moving goods and equipment can be quite difficult for a person. Depending upon the number of products, it can take days to move them to the final destination. For each time, a person does the delivery by using ขนส่ง เอกชน, it will cost him some money. Now if the deliveries need to be done daily for a few days, then it is going to cost a lot of money. To help the people, Deliveree has made a user-friendly app where people can easily select a vehicle and book it for up to 14 days. The deliveries can be done anywhere in Bangkok.

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Vehicle rental delivery with Deliveree

Booking a vehicle with Deliveree is very easy, especially if it is done with the app. The app is designed to be user-friendly so that almost any can use it without any confusion. In order to book a vehicle, these steps can be followed:-

  • Select the final destination

Before selecting the service, the person needs to set a final destination where a product is to be received. The app is connected to Google Maps so that the users can easily choose the locations. Then the user also needs to select the location from where the products are to be received.

  • Choose the vehicle type

Depending on how much goods one wants to deliver, he can choose from a various number of vehicles available. Vehicles available range from a motorcycle to a 6W truck. It completely depends on the volume to be transferred.

  • Reserve the date on which the delivery is to be done

In Deliveree, the user can make the booking 14 days in advance. But if it is urgent, then the user can also book the vehicle in just minutes.

  • Get the driver details

Once the booking is confirmed, the user will be provided with all the informations and driver details who is been assigned for the delivery.

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