Passives & Skills Needed for the Boss of R5 Teams in Summoners War

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The progress in every video game is achieved by attaining next higher level. There are several levels in the game that can be attained by achieving success in each level in ascending order by using skills and strategies required in the game. Summoners War is a game in which summoning is the most frustrating thing for its players. There are many guides to come out the frustrating situation and make the interesting for play. In summoners War, you also progress to a higher level with success in every lower level of the game. Rift Raid Level 5, referred to as R5, is unique content in Summoners War  

Importance of R5 teams where you party up with 2 other players to fight the Raid Boss together. 

The important aspect in Summoners War is team building for which you may use the Standard Team Build or Rift Raid (R5). The teams or R5 teams are important for your wins. You can use the Grinds to increase the power of already strong runes. Successfully building an R5 team is an important aspect of the game for winning, and help in this regard can be gained by understanding the Raid Boss’s mechanics. You should need to be familiar with the vital passives and skills that the R5 Boss has.  

R5 teams: Passives and skills 

These passives and skills for R5 teams are:    

  • Breath of Doom – attacking all enemies and waning their attack power; 
  • Crush of Doom (Front Line Only Attack) – Targeting the frontline of the enemy and unbridling an attack that flouting all advantageous effects; 
  • Rageful Roar – Becoming enraged when an enemy gets a turn. The skill will be automatically activated after 16 enragements; 
  • Total Annihilation will eliminate all harmful effects; 
  • Carnage – The boss’s attack speed will increase after eliminating Monsters will start attacking nearby enemies; 
  • Destroyer’s Revenge – The damage of the next attack will increase in proportion to the number of the enemy’s turn; and 
  • Ruler of Chaos – The 3 heads of the boss will use chaotic strength.  

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