Innovations in the Cockpit Lighting Divisions

Uncategorized / Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Many older generation aviation aircraft have a terrible panel lighting system that requires greater downtime to identify the right switch.  Similarly, visibility plays a contributing factor in many fatal catastrophes. Low visibility has a serious impact in air traffics and can result on a collision. In a nutshell, low visibility conditions trigger enlarged speed variance and have increased the possibility of crash risk.

The other hazards are flight diversions, flight cancellations & delays. Apparently, breeze eastern hoist corporation has a significant contribution to the product technology and innovated light bumper. This product is evidently designed for commercial and military operations to perform better when they are operating on lowlights or low visibility regions.

All you need to know about Lighted Bumper

Breeze eastern hoist has conducted much research in product innovation and technology and their major objective is to provide improvised lighting solutions through lighted hook bumper that brings immense benefits to the aviation industry.  Let us look at the product feature of lighted hook bumper

  • This product is available for both business related and aviation industry
  • You don’t require an expert professional to install the equipment. Fair understanding of the components is essential to install the bumper. It is pretty simple and quick
  • While installing the product, you will not require the disassembling of all the components instead the fieldsare easily replaceable.
  • The estimated lifespan of the lighted bumper is approximately five thousand operating hours which is truly incredible.
  • The lighting system encompasses about 14 LED which is situated on either side of the rings. This setting offers better visibility and increased clarity for the operators


Lighted hook bumper, an innovation by the breeze eastern hoist offers the best functionality even in the extreme conditions. The rugged design of the product makes it a highly suitable choice for all environments.

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