Why & How to Create Sigmarus Fusion Chart

Uncategorized / Sunday, April 14th, 2019

If you have been playing Summoners War game and working on monster fusions, it may not be easy for you to keep track of your progress. Sometimes your luck may not favor to obtain a natural 5-star from scrolls. You may be interested in Sigmarus fusion which is not easy because dealing with too many monsters and awakening materials could be a great effort. You may neither focus on Sigmarus fusion nor keeping track of progress when you have confusion between two functions.

Sigmarus fusion chart: A way to track progress

You can devise a method that can help you in keeping track of your progress. The progressive chart or Sigmarus fusion chart is the best way to maintain progress and to keep track of the progress. If you have Excel skill, you can create spreadsheet. This is probably the right solution. The monster sheet or Google spreadsheet can be of great help. The spreadsheet can be created in two parts: The Monster sheet for Sigmarus and Needs sheet.

  • The Monster sheet is used to track requirement of monsters, whether you have acquired them or still need to acquire. The monster may not be awakened or you may still need to reach the peak level. A set of monster consists of first top-level monster and four lower level monsters needed for fusion.
  • The needs sheet tracks need of awakening materials. The need table in spreadsheet updates automatically by simply entering the quantity of each awakening material.

The cells in the spreadsheet that require touching are Have?, Awoken?, and Max Level on the need sheet.

Sigmarus fusion chart: Why necessary?

From above discussion, it might be understood how sigmarus fusion guide offers a support in tracking your progress and why it is important for a summoners War player. Once you learn to create these charts, your progress is achieved consistently and conveniently. You can be a great player, if you have this skill also.

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